Beating the Blues

beating the blues

“a self-help approach to overcoming depression”
susan tanner and jillian ball

Beating the Blues introduces a step-by-step programme for overcoming depression, enabling you to break the lethargy circuit and conquer feelings of hopelessness, persistent bouts of jealousy, loneliness and the suicidal impulse.

Susan Tanner and Jillian Ball offer strategies for shedding ‘faulty thinking habits.’ Using questionnaires, self-tests and case studies from their own work, they demonstrate that you can control what you think and therefore how you feel. There is a special chapter for families, “How to live with someone who is depressed” and advice on seeking professional help.

With compassion and candour, Beating the Blues reveals how we can all turn our moods around and use them to change our lives for the better.

Susan Tanner and Jillian Ball are both clinical psychologists. They worked at the Mood Disorders Unit of Prince Henry Hospital, Sydney in 1986 and 1987, successfully treating hundreds of depressed people with the techniques featured in Beating the Blues. They have both been using these techniques since 1980.