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An End to Panic

an end to panic

breakthrough techniques for overcoming panic disorder.
second edition.
elke zuercher-white, ph.d.

A full-blown panic attack can be terrifying – whether it lasts only a few minutes or returns in waves over an hour or longer. Suddenly, unexpectedly, you’re fighting for breath. Your heart pounds or races, you feel dizzy or faint, or you experience flashes of hot and cold. You feel a sense of unreality, of slipping out of control…

The good news is that you can learn to cope with and overcome panic attacks. An End to Panic brings together in-depth coverage of the state-of-the-art treatment strategies, using a supportive, interactive format that lets you move forward with confidence, one step at a time.

You’ll learn how the physiology of your panic works, and then master the skill of breathing retraining – a technique for severing the connection between panic and hyperventilation. You’ll go on to target catastrophic thinking, learn how to take charge of your fear-fuelling thoughts, and follow step-by-step instructions for learning “Interoceptive Desensitisation,” a new and proven technique that allows you to feel the symptoms of panic and overcome the fear associated with them.

With the physical symptoms of panic under control, you’ll go on to learn skills for challenging and mastering fearful situations and coping with stress and conflict in your life. Final sections offer concrete strategies for avoiding relapse and beginning to really enjoy life.

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Relax & Stress Reduction

relax & stress reduction

messages – the communication workbook
matthew mckay, ph.d., martha davis, ph.d., patrick fanning.

Improve your relationships and personal effectiveness by mastering: body language, sexual communication, making contact, assertiveness, negotiation, public speaking, self-disclosure, active listening, influencing others.

Communication is a basic life skill, as important as the skills by which you make your way through school or earn a living. Your ability to communicate largely determines your personal happiness.

Effective communication makes life work. But where can you learn it? Often there’s no one to show you how to communicate your wants, your anger, or your secret fears. No one shows you how to fight fair instead of blaming others, how to listen actively, or how to “check out” someone’s meaning instead of mind reading.

This book gathers the most essential communication skills into one volume. They are presented in condensed form, but with sufficient examples and exercises so that you can begin practicing the skills you want to acquire. The book tells you what to do about communicating rather than what to think about it. Pure theory is omitted unless it contributes directly to your understanding of a particular communication skill.

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When Anger Hurts

when anger hurts

when anger hurts

quieting the storm within
matthew mckay, ph.d., peter d. rogers, ph.d., judith mckay,

Anger has enormous costs. The impulse that felt so right at the moment, so justified, becomes in the quiet hours another source of guilt and regret. What seemed so worthy of blame passes. What remains are the scars, the hurt, and the alienation.

This book is for people who are concerned about their anger, who’ve grown tired of the emotional and physical toll that anger takes. It’s for those who want less anger in their relationships, who seek better ways of expressing needs and solving problems.

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Prisoners of Belief

prisoners of belief

matthew mckay, ph.d., patrick

Belief is ultimately the key to happiness. Your most deeply held, core beliefs are the bedrock of your personality. They determine your feelings of worth, competence, belonging, loveability, security, trust and self-reliance.

Restricting negative beliefs can imprison you behind bars of conviction. This book shows you how to become a personal scientist, test your core beliefs objectively, subtly shift your more negative convictions, and escape from the prison of belief to a freer, more satisfying life.

“A book that will help people come face to face with core beliefs, examine and challenge them. This new approach has the potential to help many whose lives are darkened by negative beliefs about themselves and the world.” – Martha David, Ph.D., Psychologist, Psychiatry Department, Kaiser-Permanente Medical Center, Santa Clara, California.

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Living with It

living with it

“a survivor’s guide to panic attacks”
bev aisbett

Panic Attacks – approximately 5% of the population will experience them at some time or another. Seemingly coming from nowhere, the dread of having an attack itself, transforms the ordinary world of everyday life into a nightmare of anxiety and suffering.

Bev Aisbet has survived Panic Syndrome and reinforces the three basic messages:

  • You can beat this
  • You are not alone
  • You will recover

In this refreshing and accessible guide, Bev Aisbett, a survivor of Panic Syndrome, tells us how panic disorders develop and how to recognise the symptoms. With the aid of her inimitable cartoons, she covers topics such as changing negative thought patterns, seeking professional help, and, ultimately, learning skills for recovery.

Living with It provides much needed reassurance and support, leading the way out of the maze of panic with humour and the insight of first-hand experience.

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Beating the Blues

beating the blues

“a self-help approach to overcoming depression”
susan tanner and jillian ball

Beating the Blues introduces a step-by-step programme for overcoming depression, enabling you to break the lethargy circuit and conquer feelings of hopelessness, persistent bouts of jealousy, loneliness and the suicidal impulse.

Susan Tanner and Jillian Ball offer strategies for shedding ‘faulty thinking habits.’ Using questionnaires, self-tests and case studies from their own work, they demonstrate that you can control what you think and therefore how you feel. There is a special chapter for families, “How to live with someone who is depressed” and advice on seeking professional help.

With compassion and candour, Beating the Blues reveals how we can all turn our moods around and use them to change our lives for the better.

Susan Tanner and Jillian Ball are both clinical psychologists. They worked at the Mood Disorders Unit of Prince Henry Hospital, Sydney in 1986 and 1987, successfully treating hundreds of depressed people with the techniques featured in Beating the Blues. They have both been using these techniques since 1980.

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The Feeling Good Handbook: The New Mood

the feeling good handbook: the new mood

the clinically proven drug-free treatment for depression
david d. burns,

This breakthrough book introduces the principles of Cognitive Therapy, which teach us that by changing the way we think we can alter our moods, deal with emotional problems, and get rid of depression without the use of drugs.

  • 10 types of twisted thinking spelled out
  • How to boost self-esteem
  • How to avoid being a love-addict
  • How to handle hostility and criticism
  • Ways of defeating guilt
  • Overcoming approval addiction

…and more!

“Clear, hard-headed and practical!”
Albert Ellis, Ph.D., Executive Director, Institute of Rational Therapy.

“This is the happiest book on depression I’ve every seen. It will be stable in my clinical cupboard.”
Susan Walen, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Towsen University Private Practitioner.

“I will recommend this book to my students, colleagues and patients.”
Ari Kiev, M.D., Director, Social Psychiatry, Research Institute, New York City.

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