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Mental Health Week

Perth Clinic will be participating in the Australian Private Hospitals Association “Elephant in the Room” campaign again this year. This campaign aims to illustrate the fact that mental health is often the “elephant” in the room that no-one wants to discuss. This year’s campaign will have a focus on anxiety and depression.

During mental health week the inflatable elephant will visit various places such as a GP Practice, an emergency department and an educational institution to distribute flyers and promote Mental Health Week. Photos of the elephant’s journey will be placed on the Australian Private Hospitals Association website and Facebook page.

A range of other activities are planned including a community morning tea, art exhibition and distribution of promotional materials.

For more information about Perth Clinic please see our article in The West Australian.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Program (TMS) Update

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive medical procedure for the treatment of depression in adults, now an approved treatment for depression in countries including Australia, the United States, Canada, Israel and the United Kingdom. TMS is a mild form of brain stimulation using a magnetic field.

TMS is a relatively new treatment modality in psychiatry, new in the sense that it is becoming increasingly available as a number of the private hospitals take the step in providing this service. Until 2016 there was only one TMS service in WA, operating from the Neurosciences Unit attached to Graylands Hospital. TMS however is not new in the research area. There is now quite an established literature that indicates that TMS is a useful treatment alternative in the management of major depression.

The effectiveness of TMS is well established, with response rates being between 40 and 50%, similar to the response rate to antidepressants in patients with treatment-resistant depression. TMS does not require an anaesthetic and is usually well tolerated with no cognitive side effects. This means patients can generally return to their normal daily activities after the treatment. The most commonly reported side effect is headache which generally are mild and diminish over the course of the treatment.

In July 2016 Perth Clinic expanded its treatment program to include a TMS service which is offered to patients who have been referred for treatment of depression. TMS therapy can be attended as an inpatient or day patient depending on the needs of the patient. For further information on the program and the process for referral please contact our Admissions Coordinator on 94814888.

Graduate Nurse Rebecca Rich wins Prestigious HESTA Award

Perth Clinic Graduate Nurse, Rebecca Rich, was named the 2017 winner of the Outstanding Graduate of the Year Award. The HESTA Nursing and Midwifery Award ceremony, bringing together all national finalists, was held in Brisbane on 10 May 2017 .

Media reports noted that “Rebecca is recognised for her commitment to achieving patient-centred care in mental health nursing as well as proactively taking part in formal and informal education to improve her skills. Committed to quality care, Rebecca has completed online training with Children of Parents with Mental Illness (COPMI), a short course in Borderline Personality Disorder and completed the ‘Mandatory Reporting Program’ with the Department of Child Protection. She has also completed training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and is involved in delivering DBT interventions at the Clinic. Rebecca treats her patients with compassion and empathy, providing responsive holistic care above the expected norm. She passionately works to change the perception of mental health and strives to improve and have a measurable impact on her patients’ health outcomes”.

Excellence Recognised at Accreditation Review

At the end of October 2015 Perth Clinic was audited by Global-Mark against three sets of standards:
• ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems – Requirements;
• Australian Commission on Safety and Quality. National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, 2011 and
• National Standards for Mental Health Services, 2010.

The Clinic achieved full accreditation to all three sets of standards with no recommendations. Additionally 16 “Met with Merit” ratings were awarded for having a robust quality and risk management system, strong focus on improving patient safety and quality of care, involvement of patients and supporters, patient monitoring (clinical deterioration), clinical handover and medication information to patients.
The Clinic is pleased with the result and will continue to pursue our mission “We strive to provide the best in psychiatric care”.

Thriving on Chaos

thriving on chaos

“a revolution in management theory and practice”
tom peters.

In the modern business world chaos is now the norm. Everywhere and every day managers confront shattering and accelerating change: change paced by constant innovations in computer and telecommunications technologies.

To survive and become superlative in today’s economic environment there is an urgent imperative beyond excellence: the flexibility that can – and must – use chaos as the source of market advantage.

With both In Search of Excellence and A Passion for Excellence, Tom Peters defined the parameters of corporate success in books that have sold nearly four million copies around the world.

This is his manifesto for tomorrow’s winners. Thriving on Chaos offers forty-five bold prescriptions for change, targeting the five key areas of management – Responsiveness, Innovation, People Power, Leadership and Systems for a World Turned Upside Down – along with hard facts, case histories (of disaster and success) and inspiring examples.

Challenging over one hundred years of tradition, Thriving on Chaos begins a revolution in management theory and practice.