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relax & stress reduction

messages – the communication workbook
matthew mckay, ph.d., martha davis, ph.d., patrick fanning.

Improve your relationships and personal effectiveness by mastering: body language, sexual communication, making contact, assertiveness, negotiation, public speaking, self-disclosure, active listening, influencing others.

Communication is a basic life skill, as important as the skills by which you make your way through school or earn a living. Your ability to communicate largely determines your personal happiness.

Effective communication makes life work. But where can you learn it? Often there’s no one to show you how to communicate your wants, your anger, or your secret fears. No one shows you how to fight fair instead of blaming others, how to listen actively, or how to “check out” someone’s meaning instead of mind reading.

This book gathers the most essential communication skills into one volume. They are presented in condensed form, but with sufficient examples and exercises so that you can begin practicing the skills you want to acquire. The book tells you what to do about communicating rather than what to think about it. Pure theory is omitted unless it contributes directly to your understanding of a particular communication skill.