Referral Process

referral process

referrals by accredited psychiatrists

Direct referrals may be made to Perth Clinic by a Perth Clinic accredited psychiatrist. Referring your patient for inpatient or day patient treatment is easy. Simply call the Clinical Nurse Manager and discuss the nature of your referral. You will be provided with information on current availability and will be assisted with your referral.

referrals by non-accredited psychiatrists

If you are not currently accredited to Perth Clinic but would like admitting rights you can contact Perth Clinic and apply for accreditation using our Application for Accreditation which is attached to the Perth Clinic By-Laws.

referrals from general / medical practitioners

Medical Practitioners may make referrals to Perth Clinic for acute inpatient admission or for outpatient appointments.

1. referral for acute inpatient admission

Referrals for inpatient admission are accepted for patients who have not been under the care of a psychiatrist for the preceding 12 months. If the patient has a current or recent treating psychiatrist they should be referred back to that practitioner.

To proceed with a referral, contact Perth Clinic and ask for the Admission Coordinator who will discuss the referral with you. Following discussion, if assessed as suitable, the Admission Coordinator will discuss the referral with the Consultant Psychiatrist on duty. If the referral is accepted by the Consultant Psychiatrist the Admission Coordinator will contact the patient directly regarding admission. You will also be informed of the outcome of the referral.

2. referral for outpatient appointment

General / Medical Practitioners may refer patients for an assessment with one of the Perth Clinic accredited psychiatrists. Referrals for first available appointments can me made directly to Perth Clinic Medical Suites to the identified preferred Consultant Psychiatrist.
To access both inpatient and day patient services within Perth Clinic, all patients referred must be under the care of a Perth Clinic accredited psychiatrist.

For further information regarding access to services please contact 08 9481 4888.