During your Treatment

during your treatment

Whether you are an inpatient or day patient, there will be a treatment program suitable to meet your needs. This generally involves group therapy, with some individual sessions offered when appropriate.

Whilst a patient at Perth Clinic, you remain under the primary care of your psychiatrist, who will make the recommendations about which program will best suit your particular needs. Your psychiatrist will make regular appointments with you to review your progress and satisfaction with treatment.

in-patient stay

For some patients a brief inpatient admission is necessary. Our aim is to provide a comfortable and safe environment to assist in your recovery. During your stay you will be actively encouraged to participate in planning your treatment and planning for your return home. Perth Clinic’s philosophy is to minimise disruption to your life and ensure you can return home as soon as possible. There is a strong focus on group therapy with a range of therapy streams operating. All patients participate in group therapy and daily monitoring of their treatment progress. This treatment approach has shown that our patients get better faster. That is, our patients achieve good treatment outcomes in a shorter time than other hospitals across Australia. When you are nearing your discharge date staff will work with you on your transition back home and provide you with relevant information on community links and follow-up support.

As an inpatient, a nurse will be assigned to you every shift. They will check on your progress daily and give you some individual time to discuss any relevant issues or concerns that arise during the day. A nurse will also administer your medications, and attend to any other special physical needs

day patient treatment

All therapy programs are available to day patients including evening programs. You will decide in conjunction with your treating psychiatrist which therapy program is most suitable for your needs. Your psychiatrist will make a referral to Perth Clinic and you will be contacted by our staff to confirm your participation in the program. More detailed information is contained in Treatment Programs