How do I Get Admitted to Perth Clinic

How do I Get Admitted to perth clinic

If you are experiencing symptoms of illness that may require treatment you should make an appointment to see your General Practitioner to discuss your concerns. Your General Practitioner will make an assessment and if needed, make a referral to Perth Clinic for admission. Your General Practitioner may decide to either:

1. Make a referral to see a Consultant Psychiatrist for psychiatric assessment in an outpatient clinic

If a psychiatric assessment is required, a referral is made to one of our Accredited Psychiatrists. If the referral is accepted you will be contacted to arrange an appointment with an Accredited Consultant Psychiatrist who will conduct a psychiatric assessment. These appointments are in our medical suites which are located in close proximity to our hospital. Appointments are scheduled as soon as possible.

2. Make a referral to the Admission Coordinator at Perth Clinic to request an urgent admission.

If an urgent assessment or admission is required your General Practitioner will contact Perth Clinic and discuss your referral with the Admission Coordinator who will take details and speak to the Consultant Psychiatrist on duty. If the Consultant Psychiatrist accepts the referral you will be contacted by the Admission Coordinator to arrange your admission.

It is important that you check with your private health insurance prior to being admitted, to confirm that you are covered for treatment. Most patients are covered as long as no exclusions on psychiatry or basic hospital cover apply in your policy. (Please note, “basic cover” excludes psychiatry). Should you need to add these to your current policy, please be aware of the potential qualifying periods that apply.

Please remember that Perth Clinic does not have an emergency department.

If you are in crisis you should always contact your General Practitioner and/or treating Psychiatrist first. If they are not available you should contact or present to your local emergency department.