Our Commitment to You

our commitment to you

Perth Clinic is committed to providing each person with the best possible treatment and maximise the outcome from your treatment. Our research shows that our patients get “Better Faster”.

national guidelines

Perth Clinic works in accordance with relevant national guidelines and best practice principles. Some of these include

The National Standards for Mental Health Services

Private Hospital Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Australian Commission on Safety and Quality, National Health Service Standards

rights and responsibilities

The Clinic maintains a strong customer focus and works in accordance with the Private Hospital Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities. Our Rights Responsibilities Complaints Brochure provides a detailed outline of your rights and responsibilities, as well as a description of our complaints process.

feedback and complaints

Patients and their supporters are actively encouraged to provide feedback on their experience at Perth Clinic. This feedback can be provided on our suggestion forms or our satisfaction forms. The feedback provided enables us to review and improve our systems and the services we provide to our patients, supporters and referrers. Formal complaints are managed by our Complaints Coordinator.

clinical review committee

The focus of the Clinical Review Committee is to ensure that the safest and highest quality services are provided to patients of our hospital. The Clinical Review Committee is established to review all serious incidents and adverse events that may occur within the hospital and to make recommendations for future improvements. Perth Clinic is pleased to provide the 2017 Annual report to the Public