What to Expect on Admission

what to expect on admission

When you arrive at Perth Clinic, you will greeted by our friendly reception staff who will assist you and complete admission paperwork regarding your personal, health fund and demographic details.

After being shown to your room you will be provided with refreshments and you will be allocated a nurse who will complete the nursing admission paperwork and assessment. You will also be asked to complete some questions about how are you are feeling and your current circumstances. The admitting nurse will discuss this information, document your treatment plan with you and give you the opportunity to clarify any queries or concerns you may have. Any medications/prescriptions that you have brought in with you should be given to the admitting nurse for safe storage.

Nursing staff will explain the ward routine and environment and provide you with relevant information on catering and housekeeping procedures. You must inform us if you have any food allergies or special dietary requirements so our onsite chef can organise an individual based meal to meet your requirements. They will also share information with you about Perth Clinic and your surroundings so that your stay with us is as comfortable as possible.

All patients in the hospital are under the care of an accredited practitioner. Your doctor will assess you within 12 hours of being admitted to Perth Clinic, and they will ultimately be responsible for your treatment, the medications prescribed to you, the therapy group you attend and whether you have leave whilst you are a patient in the Clinic. Patients and supporters are advised that Perth Clinic does not have onsite medical coverage 24 hours a day. However accredited practitioners remain on call in the event of urgent care being required.

It is very important that you attend therapy groups as they are an integral part of your treatment regime prescribed by your Doctor. Our research has shown that regular participation in the group program will result in a better outcome from your admission.

A physical examination will be commenced within 12 hours of your admission according to your doctor’s instructions in order to ensure that any physical health needs are identified and addressed.  This will be done by your treating doctor, our Registrar or an Accredited General Practitioner.

Your psychiatrist will review your progress regularly throughout your admission and discuss your plan for discharge and return home.

Our staff are very committed to meeting the needs of our patients, and we ensure the best of care throughout your stay with us.