Services for Supporters

services for supporters

Staff at Perth Clinic recognise the important role that family and friends (supporters) play in supporting a person experiencing mental health concerns. We also recognise that providing this support can contribute to feelings of stress and uncertainty. Our program aims to provide you with valuable information and to assist you in undertaking this important and valuable role.

involvement in the care of the patient

Assisting our patients on their journey to recovery is our central focus. Recognising that each person has their own support network, we ask patients to identify any supporters they would like to involve in their care planning. The involvement of patients and supporters, along with the treating team, ensures a collaborative and individualized approach.

supporters program

Perth Clinic offers a Supporters Program to families and friends who play a vital role in supporting our current patients. The program runs for two sessions and is scheduled in the evenings. The sessions cover a range of issues including Perth Clinic treatment models, understanding mental illness, the role and management of medications, relapse prevention, helpful/unhelpful support strategies and tips for self care.

Further information is available from our staff.

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