Perth Clinic has been recognised as a leader in mental health, achieving great results in various prestigious awards across Australia.

clinical awards

Perth Clinic was a finalist in the 2009 Australian Private Hospitals Association Baxter Awards for Clinical Excellence, Category of Clinical Excellence – Quality of Care and Patient Outcomes. This application titled Using a “Wellbeing Thermometer” to improve Inpatient Mental Health Outcomes showcased the introduction of a system for monitoring patient outcomes against an anticipated trajectory of improvement. This system, still used by the Clinic, evaluates feedback from patients and standardised outcome measures to assess patient progress against the expected improvement. The patient’s progress is reported back to them and any areas for improvement discussed. Early research has shown that providing this feedback to patients promotes good patient outcomes helping patients get better faster.

safety awards

In 2009 Perth Clinic won the Western Australian WorkSafe award for “Best Work Safety and Health Management System in the Private Sector”. In 2010 the Clinic represented Western Australia as a finalist in the National Safe Workplace Awards in Canberra.

In 2007 Perth Clinic was a finalist in the Worksafe Award for “Best Solution to a Work Place Safety and Health Issue”. This project was a world first, delivering Electroconvulsive Therapy in the left lateral position. This innovation eliminated the manual handling risk to staff whilst maintaining good patient outcomes and improving patient safety.

staff awards

In 2012 Perth Clinic has a finalist in the Nursing and Midwifery Awards, Acute Metropolitan Registered Nurse of the Year.

In 2011 four of our nursing staff were nominated as finalists in the Nursing and Midwifery Awards in the categories of Graduate Nurse of the Year, Acute Metropolitan Registered Nurse of the Year, Enrolled Nurse of the Year and Lifetime Excellence Award.