Our Staff

our staff

Our staff at Perth Clinic are committed to providing excellence in patient care and high quality services to supporters, accredited practitioners, referring professionals and visitors. A diverse range of staff make up our dedicated and professional team. Each staff member is specifically selected for their expertise, ability to work well within a team environment and commitment to providing a quality service.



Our qualified therapists come from a variety of backgrounds including clinical psychology, occupational therapy, social work, family therapy, interpersonaltherapy and art therapy.

As part of Perth Clinic’s ongoing commitment to quality, staff are encouraged to pursue further education and specialised training activities both externally and as part of Perth Clinic’s continuing education series.

Regular supervision groups, peer review sessions, journal club meetings and other formal presentations contribute to the updating and upskilling of our staff.


Our qualified nursing staff include general and psychiatric registered and clinical nurses, enrolled nurses and patient care assistants. Our nurses come from diverse backgrounds. Their wealth of experience enables them to cater for a wide range of personal needs.

Further education and training is encouraged to ensure nursing staff are familiar with best practices in mental health care. Perth Clinic runs a Graduate Nurse program, recruits nationally and internationally.

Perth Clinic is actively involved in student supervision and has links with the five leading universities of Western Australia.



Our experienced and friendly reception and administration staff are the front line of our organisation. On arrival at Perth Clinic you will be greeted by staff and guided through the admissions process, assisting you to settle into our environment and on your way to recovery. Administration staff can assist you with a range of things including health fund enquiries, billing enquiries and appointments.

environmental staff

Our helpful environmental staff maintain a standard of excellence. They efficiently conduct their work ensuring a comfortable, safe and well maintained environment to assist your recovery.


All meals are prepared on site by our Chef and skilled catering staff. Meals are prepared from a selection of seasonal ingredients, ensuring meals are healthy, nutiritious and tasty.


With strict adherence to “foodsafe” guidelines, you can rest assured that you will always receive quality meals.

Our chefs do their best to cater to everyone’s individual needs. If you have special dietary requirements, these can be catered for by our kitchen.